Parkour Winter Camps

Movement was in every single one of us as a kid. We jumped off swings, climbed trees, and hopped over cracks in the sidewalk. Parkour is a great way to build and expand movement into something extremely fun, useful, and healthy.

Youth love parkour because it helps them focus their energy into something that is naturally fun, challenging, and rewarding. Parent’s love parkour because it builds strong, adaptive bodies and minds, preparing young people to live healthy, active, and mindful lives.

Campers of all skill levels are welcome. From first time students to APEX veterans, we have a spot for you! Camps are split into smaller groups at the beginning of each week depending on age and ability to ensure everyone is safe, challenged, and having fun.


$180/camp full price

General daily schedule (3-hr camp)

0:00–0:15 – Warm-up
0:15–1:30 – Skill development
1:30–2:00 – Snack/movie time (parkour videos for education & inspiration)
2:00–2:20 – Warm-up + skill development
2:20–2:50 – Parkour games, drills, & skills
2:50–2:55 – Cool-down/discussion
2:55–3:00 – Check-out

Tax breaks 🙌 

Depending on the person, you may qualify for a 35% tax credit up to $3000 for one child (ages 13 & under) and up to $6000 for 2 or more kids. Learn more.