Temporary Facility Closure

UPDATE: March 17, 2020

In accordance with Colorado law regarding gyms, we will be closed until April 17th.

March 15th, 2020


APEX family,
We are proud of our movement community full of camaraderie, strength, and support. It is in these extraordinary times that we recognize these values in dealing with a health risk that concerns us all.

To continue protecting and safeguarding our community, we will be following the guidance of the CDC, Boulder County, and the local business community in temporarily closing APEX Louisville effective today, March 15th, through the end of March. We plan to keep you updated with our newsletter and here on our website.

We don’t want our employees to suffer, so we are going to continue paying them during our closure. Please support small businesses like ours during these challenging times by keeping your membership active or not canceling any services with us, instead just rescheduling.
Fortunately, we have a distance-learning option in exchange for keeping your membership with us: since 2014 we’ve already been hard at work building out the best online parkour school in the world, ParkourEDU.org, and we’re going to be giving free access to a course of your choosing to keep you challenged, having fun, learning, and exercising on your own 🙂

Use promo code “ADAPT” (expires after one-time use per member) at check out for a free online course.

— Our Course Offerings —
Continue working on or sharpen your foundational skills
Hone the essential skill of falling properly
Take your climb up to the next level


If you’re able to support us in these times where our industry is taking a major blow, you can purchase an additional course for 25% off using coupon code “SUPPORT”
And then if you really want to support us, go purchase some online courses / coaching / services without a discount code 🙂 Have all our courses and more at a big discount purchasing our “Big Bundle.
We have a huge challenge in front of us, and fortunately, that’s what this school has been about from the beginning:
  • creative problem solving
  • overcoming obstacles
  • staying calm and collected in the face of daunting challenges
  • pushing through to the next level against all odds
Our community is no stranger to challenge. Now let’s come together and be our best selves, the selves we’ve built through this training.
We love you, we hope you have a great time with our online courses, and we will train together again soon! <3 <3 <3
Amos Rendao & Ryan Ford