Ethan Lanpher


Ethan grew up wanting to be a stuntman, a ninja, a secret agent, and a superhero. As a kid, he spent most of his free time climbing trees, bounding through the woods, jumping off roofs, practicing swordplay, and honing his unique skills. In order to blend in with other kids he also participated in team sports which included baseball, basketball, and soccer. He excelled at these, but found greater connection with sports like skateboarding, skiing, inline skating, and snowboarding which allowed him to cultivate creativity and express his individuality.

In 1998 Ethan discovered Capoeira, which combines elements of dance, combat, acrobatics, play and music. In order to maintain his physical heath while participating in such a rigorous and potentially dangerous movement art he also began practicing Yoga, though he found the benefits of Yoga to extend beyond the physical. After 5 years of practicing Yoga, he became an instructor in order to support himself while he was studying Architectural Engineering at the University of Colorado.

After getting his degree in 2008, Ethan was finally able realize his childhood dream of human flight when he started skydiving. He became inspired to become a skydiver after first seeing videos of wingsuit flying. Since then he has accumulated over 500 skydives, and jumps out of anything that will get him enough altitude including airplanes, hot air balloons, and helicopters.

Ethan has been training Parkour at Apex Movement since 2010 and thus living another childhood dream. He loves both the physical and mental challenges the Parkour offers as well as the community of practitioners.

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