Casey Wilson


Casey Wilson can be called an original on the APEX Movement community. Starting as just a kid Casey has spent the last decade being inspired by movement and now has chosen to inspire others through teaching. Growing up in Boulder, CO he was first introduced to parkour after going to a gym with some friends. Little did he know that, that night would lead him down an amazing path. After a year of self-taught learning, Casey was eager to learn more and advance his practice. He was able to do so through the help of Colorado Parkour (COPK), one of the earliest parkour organizations in Colorado, to perfect the basics and train with the founders of ParkourEDU. While Casey grew with COPK, COPK grew as well eventually becoming APEX Movement. While becoming a stand out in the community Casey was able to meet others with the same passion and talent and created the group, Gremlins Parkour which only dissolved in 2015 when he chose to join another community of athletes. In 2012, Casey competed in his first competition (APEX Movement Youth Freerunning Competition) and got 2nd place. Then, in August 2013 he placed 6th in the APEX Movement Invitational and finally earned 1st place at the Colorado Freerunning Championships in November 2013, tied with one of his closest friends, Kent Johns. That same year, Casey performed with APEX Movement at the Denver Grand Hyatt Grand Reopening (August) and at the Energy Solutions Arena in front of over 18,000 people for NuSkin (October), as well as becoming a ParkourEDU certified instructor in the end of the year. Outside of APEX Movement, he got sponsored by Move to Inspire in 2013, which only recently ended (2017). Currently, Casey is studying Integrative Physiology at CU Boulder, drinking specialty coffee, and working with TryHard Collective (@tryhardcollective). 

Casey’s experience and natural talent makes him an exceptional coach, and APEX Movement is extremely lucky to have him.


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