Brandon Halpin

Head Coach

Originally from Southern New Jersey, Brandon has been training Parkour for about 4-5 years now and unknowingly long before then. His childhood consisted of climbing various trees and exploring the pine barrens while also being involved in various sports such as basketball, baseball, foot-bag, soccer, Tae Kwon Do and Volleyball.

After being introduced to Parkour, Brandon became involved in the South Jersey Parkour Community helping organize jams and eventually working with two local gyms, Pinnacle Parkour and The Warrior Lab, as an assistant instructor. After finishing High school, he started to practice primitive skills, foraging around his neighborhood and learning about how indigenous people lived. This drive to want to live a life conscious of his impact to the earth brought him to become sustainability coordinator of our gym.

As a testament to his courage and hard work, Brandon moved to Colorado in August of 2012 with the goal of getting involved with one of the largest parkour communities in the country, APEX Movement, and is now the sustainability coordinator and one of the main instructors at our Louisville location.