Youth Level 1

Designed for ages 5-11, our youth level one curriculum safely challenges students, both physically and mentally by utilizing creative drills, obstacle courses, and games. These classes are taught by CPR and First Aid certified coaches, who have undergone over 100 hours of in house teacher training at Apex Movement.

All aspects of the youth level one curriculum take place at ground level. As such, no student will be expected or encouraged to jump over or off of anything over hip height. This is not to say that our more dedicated students won’t be challenged. In any given drill, course or game there will be easier and harder progressions to suit all ranges of age and athletic ability.

Despite everything we do to maintain a safe learning environment, any physical activity has inherent risks. For this reason, ukemi: the art of falling is a crucial aspect of our program. Ukemi will not only help students learn how to safely fall while training parkour, but will also prove useful in any other activity they pursue. If, for example, a student falls off of their bike or skateboard, they could avoid injury entirely by performing one of the many rolls from parkour ukemi.

All of these aforementioned principles are accomplished while providing students with important aspects of the parkour philosophy, such as overcoming fear, problem solving, and working towards personal goals.

Prerequisites: No experience necessary! Anyone can join!

Youth Level 1 Schedule