Band System

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Why Do We Have the Band System?

Our main objectives at Apex Louisville are to have fun and to train safely. Our band system is a way for us to gauge the student’s skills and their progress so we can place them in the appropriate level of class. This system allows us to restrict students from potentially endangering themselves until they can show us that they have the skills, mindset, and experience to climb to certain heights, do certain techniques, etc. It’s also a good encouragement for the students to progress strongly and safely as they continue on the path of the hero. Each band represents a new level which the students can unlock after demonstrating their knowledge of the skills and techniques we teach. When students unlock new bands, they will get access to new classes, and in the case of 17 years old and younger, they will receive new privileges and access to new parts of the school.

How Band Promotions Work

  • Adults (18+) do not have to abide by height restrictions, they can just use them as suggestions.
  • Temporarily, band testing won’t be scheduled tests but instead guided by coach discretion and minimum class requirements, as well as other additional challenges for more advanced bands. However, there will still be a list of key prerequisite techniques, combos, and challenges that the coach will be watching for in classes. These will also be posted for student reference.
  • Please do not ask your coach to level up. When students ask for promotions, this will delay any potential promotion for a week.
  • If you feel lost as to what to do, go to the front or the website (see band system tab) to see our lists of key techniques, combos, and challenges in order to focus your training for your particular band level.
  • Bands will only be awarded in classes, however, we will sometimes award band promotions at events and competitions where athletes demonstrate their skill sets.