Our Facility

Apex Louisville is a state of the art parkour facility renowned worldwide. Our school has attracted traceurs and freerunners from all over the globe. APEX Louisville features nearly 8,000 square feet of training space, an enormous foam pit, the innovative air trick, weight training and conditioning tools, and professionally constructed and welded obstacles. APEX Louisville continues to be a leader amongst parkour and athletic training facilities worldwide.

Featured obstacles and equipment

  • Foam pit with adjustable bar mounted above.
  • Air Trick mat for tumbling, tricking, free running, and martial arts (see it in action!).
  • Lifting and conditions tools including squat and bench racks, free weights, bar bells, foam rollers and other soft tissue massaging tools. Also resistance bands, jump ropes, medicine balls, and other mobility and strength tools.
  • Trampoline with padded tramp walls on 2 sides, and tramp to foam pit entry on another side.
  • Over 60 movable obstacles and pads including precision trainers, vault boxes, platform obstacles, bars and handrails, 36″ mats, 1″ mats, and everything in between! Come play!

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