Parkour Tots (ages 2-4)

We understand how important safe movement and exploratory play is for development. In this class, tots learn to manage risk, play in new ways, and solve movement-based puzzles. Class takes place mostly on soft surfaces, with mild, mindful exposure to real-life, hard surfaces.

Students work through challenging obstacle courses, climbing problems, basic acrobatic movements, and mild exposure to fear/discomfort. Through navigating various level changes, surface types, and distances between obstacles, students build foundational movements and mental skills. Tots also learn to take turns and cooperate with others outside of normal school settings.

Prereqs: None––any 2-4 year olds can join 🙂

* For 2-3.5 yr olds, a parent must participate in class until the student is independent enough to take class on their own (coach’s approval is necessary)

** For 3.5-4 yr olds, kids are typically independent enough to do class without an adult. No parent is needed to join class unless we discuss otherwise.


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