This four class rotating curriculum is designed to teach you the foundation of parkour, each class consisting of basic techniques and concepts that don’t have prerequisites so that students can start at any point in the rotation. Students will learn basic skills including quadrupedal movement, falling all directions, landing, parkour rolls, jumping, basic strength training skills, getting up and down waist-high obstacles, developing ground & air awareness, and much more.

This onramp program will establish the foundation needed for a student to move onto Fundamentals.

Adults/teens must complete all four classes (class A, B, C, and D) of the Intro series before being considered for advancement (earth band, fundamentals and other movement classes).

Youth only need 4 youth intro classes in general before being considered for earth band promotion, and thus do not need to use the following chart.

Hey adults & teens, do you need to know which class is in rotation?

Click the spreadsheet below to view which adult/teen intro class is happening on any given day of the month! If there is no class listed, there is no adult/teen intro class that day. Weekends and holidays are highlighted to help you orient each week.