Birthday Parties

Birthday parties πŸ₯³ πŸ’ͺ πŸ™ƒ

Schedule your next special day at Apex Louisville and experience why we’re one of the world’s leading parkour schools since 2006! Our highly trained, engaging coaches will make sure you have a blast––and they’ll teach you epic skills too (vaults, flips, courage, creativity, etc). Whether you’re into parkour, acrobatics, climbing, martial arts, dance, or ninja, there’s something fun and new to discover at Apex.

How does it work?

–– Learn with our ParkourEDU certified coaches who will lead games, teach skills, and keep you safe & engaged during open jam (free time for movement play/exploration)
–– Celebrate with friends & family at our world-famous school
–– Enjoy our whole facility for movement and lounge area for food, drinks, & gifts

When is available?

The following time slots are available for either 1 or 2-hour parties:

–– 10-11am (1 hr)
–– 3-4pmΒ (1 hr)
–– 4-6pmΒ (2 hr)
–– 6-8pm (2 hr)

–– 10:30-11:30amΒ (1 hr)
–– 5-7pmΒ (2 hr)
–– 7-8pm (2 hr)

* Time slots are often booked weeks/months in advance so don’t delay πŸ™‚

Where is Apex?

1772 Prairie Way, Unit G
Louisville, CO 80027